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Safeguarding Your Fireplace Mantel with Fireplace Mantel Straps

A fire place mantel is not just a gorgeous prime focus in your living-room but also an useful space for presenting images, artwork, as well as various other attractive items. Nonetheless, with the possibility for earthquakes or unexpected bumps, it is very important to make certain that your fire place mantel is properly safeguarded to avoid any kind of accidents or damages. One reliable method of protecting your fireplace mantel is by using fireplace mantel straps.

Fireplace mantel bands, also called mantel braces or mantel safety and security straps, are created to offer extra support and stability to your fire place mantel. These bands are normally made of durable metal or solid nylon webbing and are attached to the back of the mantel and wall or studs making use of screws or various other support hardware.

Among the major benefits of using fire place mantel bands is their ability to prevent the mantel from toppling in case of an earthquake or unintended impact. Mantels can be quite heavy, specifically if they are constructed from solid wood or various other thick products. By securing the mantel to the wall, the bands assist disperse the weight and lower the chances of the mantel tipping forward.

Along with earthquake safety, fire place mantel straps also provide satisfaction if you have little kids or animals in your home. Kids are naturally curious as well as may try to climb up or pull on the fireplace mantel, which can be unsafe if it’s not appropriately secured. By installing mantel straps, you can minimize the threat of crashes as well as make certain the safety of your liked ones.

Setting up fireplace mantel straps is a fairly simple do it yourself task that most home owners can take on. Nevertheless, if you’re not positive in your DIY skills, it’s constantly best to get in touch with a professional to guarantee appropriate installation and optimum safety.

In conclusion, fire place mantel straps are a smart financial investment for anyone with a fireplace mantel. They give added safety and security, stability, and satisfaction, securing your mantel from tipping over throughout quakes or unintentional bumps. Whether you have children, family pets, or simply wish to safeguard your beneficial decorations, mounting fireplace mantel straps is a functional and also reliable service.

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