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Basic Services Provided By A Tree Service Company
A tree service technician is a person who is specifically trained in identifying pests and diseases, and takes care of trees. Using advanced climbing and harnessing techniques, he can trim dead or unwanted branches from shrubs or trees to keep clear of pipes, sidewalks or utility lines, or to enhance the appearance, value and health of the tree. Trimming branches also helps to keep soil quality better. If branches grow too fast, they block drainage and wash away mulch or fertilizer. Dead branches left leaning or breaking off a tree can also block storm water drainage, which can lead to flooding.

Trees pruned by a tree service technician will often need to be replaced, because branches are removed so they do not obstruct an animal path, or impede walking paths. This problem can also result in injury or death to wildlife. The majority of people do not know how to properly prune their trees, so they are at risk for falling leaves, twigs, branches or other debris and being run over by vehicles. Contractors who provide tree services are certified and skilled at performing this task. Some basic tips to remember when pruning include ensuring the same direction is not cut (push the same growing direction), clipping at the correct angles, and always prune in the direction of the foliage growth.

A tree service jobs usually includes other tasks as well, such as installing new trees, or repairing or replacing an existing one. Trees that grow from seed need to be planted in the right location, and can affect wildlife and vegetation. An arborist uses techniques to plant them correctly, to prevent any environmental problems. An arborist can provide information about tree removal, including how it is done, and can offer referrals to professionals that perform this service on a commercial basis.

Tree services include stump removal, which may be one of the most exciting aspects of working with trees. Removing an entire stump, even if it is just a small portion of one tree, can be extremely dangerous. If the roots of the stump are dug too deep, they may choke off the main stem, and cause the tree to collapse. Tree services include removing stumps that may have resulted from a power line crash, tree felling, or other catastrophic event. Sometimes a stump removal contractor will dig up the entire tree to get rid of the stump altogether, however some specialize in doing this, as well. They may also decide to chip out the entire stump, in which case the individual stumps are individually ground up.

Tree services also include tree trimming, which is the process of taking away excess growth from trees, to prevent them from becoming overcrowded, leaning or even out of place. A tree service company may choose to thin out a tree, to improve circulation and create more open space within the treehouse. In some cases, the trimming may simply involve cutting back branches, but other times a tree service company may also choose to remove unwanted branches and trimming back trees completely.

Tree removal is another popular aspect of tree care, and one of the most dangerous. This involves removing dead, dying, damaged, or diseased branches so that they may be salvaged for other uses. Some tree removal companies will simply perform pruning, while others may also use power saws and other specialized tools to remove large branches. When a tree is removed, it must be disposed of properly. Some disposal options are through the local government by donating the wood to a lumberyard, burning or burying it, or else setting it aside to restore it later. A professional tree removal service will be able to guide you through all of these options so that you are comfortable with how you are disposing of the wood and with the impact it will have on your landscape.

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